2018 Pacific Northwest Chapitre

Dear Fellow Members and Friends,

Hope this note finds you well and enjoying the beautiful California Spring weather!

Great News! We made it to the International Online News! Below this email is an article about the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs - 2018 Pacific Northwest Chapitre that our bailliage hosted at the Fairmont San Jose Hotel from April 12 to April 14, 2018!

The spectacular program included:

Thursday, April 12 - Welcome Reception at the Fairmont San Jose and Dinner at Élyse Restaurant [Watch Video]

Friday, April 13 - Dinner- Testarossa Winery – Los Gatos [Watch Video]

Saturday, April 14

  • Provincial Bailliage Council Meeting, Young Chefs Competition, & Awards Luncheon [Watch Video]

  • Champagne Reception & "Diamonds are Forever” Induction Gala Dinner at The Fairmont San Jose [Watch Video]

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome again our new members inducted during this Chapitre: Chevalier Stephen Eckstone, Maître Hotelier John Tran, Maître Rôtisseur Vivek Desirazu and to congratulate Mary Beth Anderson on her promotion to Officier and Chevalier Sam Mazzara on his Bronze Star of Excellence Award.

I would like to thank National and Provincial members:

  • Bailli Délégué des Etats Unis Hal Small for conducting the induction ceremony.

  • Bailli Provincial of the Pacific Northwest, Bertrand de Boutray for all the support and decision making

  • Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial Walter Renner my partner in crime for all the leg work and support

  • Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Hervé Le Biavant for orchestrating from A to Z a wonderful Young Chefs Competition

  • Chargée de Presse Provinciale Robin du Brin for the great article and the photos

Special thanks to our members:

  • International Culinary Center (ICC) CEO & Maître Restauranteur Bruce McCann and Culinary Education Director & Maître Rôtisseur Marc Pavlovic for all the support in the orchestration of the Young Chefs Competition, the meeting and the luncheon

  • MyFrenchCellar owner & Professionnel du Vin Delphine Le Devehat for the great selection of French wines for the Gala Dinner and the sponsorship of several bottles of champagne for this event

  • Vice Echanson & Certified Sommelier Gene Timmons for the great wine pairings for the different events, including the great selection of the wines from our cellar and the purchase of Californian wines for the Gala Dinner

And many thanks to all the attendees, venues, chefs, and staff that made this Chapitre so enjoyable!


Janina Loire