JW House "Dinner is Served" Community Outreach Event

Here is your opportunity to volunteer and/or contribute to a great cause!

Hello Fellow Members and Friends,

Here is a video with captured moments from our participation last Monday, April 24th in the JW House "Dinner is Served Program. Our FIRST Community Outreach Project collaboration between members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs - Silicon Valley Bailliage and the International Culinary Center (ICC)!

A big thanks to those who contributed time, $$$, or other to make it a success!

Special thanks to our members:

- Dame de la Chaîne Mary Beth Anderson, for leading the organization of this event

- Maître Rôtisseurs and ICC Chef Instructors Mark Pavlovic and Nicolas Baron for a fantastic meal that was truly enjoyed by the families, staff, and volunteers

Here are some comments received from Mary Beth. I am also attaching her write up about the experience.

"I bet this is a meal they will be talking about for awhile. I know the staff enjoyed talking to us and sharing their kitchen but most of all, the guests and clients seemed to enjoy the attention they received from the ICC chefs and our small band of volunteers. It was a treat for everyone."

"It was a good deed done by all of us and obviously very much appreciated. Just when I thought how difficult my day had been I got to thinking who minimal my worries are compared to what JW and his family have endured."

"It is always fun to share time with you and now we can say we shared our time with one another for a great cause."

Vive la Chaîne!

Janina Loire