Black & White Induction Gala

Sunday, April 17th we held our Black and White Induction Gala at the old stone cellars in the lovely Testarossa Winery located at the historic Novitiate in downtown Los Gatos. This celebratory event and delightful Epicurean experience was only enhanced by the wonderful camaraderie of our Chaîne members and guests in attendance.

A particularly warm welcome to our new members and congratulations to those honored and elevated to new positions.

Thanks again to the participants who celebrated with the inductees and those honored at this truly special ceremony, brilliantly conducted by Bailli Provincial Pacific Northwest, Bertrand de Boutray.

Thanks to those who help make this a fantastic event: the Chef and staff of Testarossa, the Board of Directors, James and Terri Chapman, Barbara Timmons, and Dennis Swanson.

Special thanks to Bertrand for charmingly executing the Induction Ceremony while properly introducing the audience to the history, traditions, and current activities of the society.

We have captured some great moments of the evening in the video below. Please feel free to share it with your guests.

To those who were unable to attend, we hope to see you soon.