2020 Virtual Wine & Cheese Tasting

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We sought out our neighbors to the south and partnered with Seabold Cellars (from Carmel Valley) and The Cheese Shop (from Carmel-By-The-Sea) to bring you this exciting tasting which took place on Sunday, Aug 30th, from 3 - 5 PM.

We were excited to taste the following wines:

2017 Pinot Noir / Pelio Vineyard

2018 Pinot Blanc / Rodnick Farm Vineyard

Here's some more information about the cheesemonger and winery:

Kent Torrey, cheesemonger and owner of The Carmel Cheese Shop (http://www.thecheeseshopinc.com) is a member of the Monterey Chaîne Bailliage. His shop in Carmel is a cornucopia filled with delicious gourmet products, hundreds of wines, Champagnes, and spirits from around the world. Behind the counter Kent and his staff slice samples from over 200 different cheeses, passing along wonderful insights about a cheese’s history & origin, or how that cheese can be used in intricate dishes. No stranger to Chaîne functions, Kent Torrey has selected some of his fantastic fromage for us to sample.

Seabold Cellars (www.seaboldcellars.com) was established in the Monterey Bay region because they believe that cool-climate organic and sustainable vineyards produce balanced wines that showcase their origin more than their winemaking. During the year, more time is spent in vineyards than the winery. Their winemaking is as hands-off as possible, respecting traditional techniques and practices without being beholden to them. They produce small-lot, site-specific Burgundy and Rhône varieties, as seen through a California lens.